After reaching a safe location:

  • Begin fixing the flat tire.
  • Use a wrench to loosen the tire's lug nuts and elevate the car using a jack to remove the pressure from the wheel.
  • Remove each lug nut and keep them aside.
  • Once all nuts are removed, remove the wheel from the axle and place it aside.

Position your spare tire onto the hub of your axle and screw on each lug nut partially, just enough to keep it in place. Don't tighten them too much at this point to avoid any damage. Gradually tighten each lug nut with the wrench until it's firmly in place. After all the five lug nuts are tight enough to be rotated by your hands, use the wrench to give each of them a final twist, ensuring they're securely tightened without excessive force.

After fixing the flat tire, lower your car cautiously to the ground. Check that all the lug nuts are adequately tightened before resuming your journey. With this done, you can now be relieved that the flat tire was fixed safely and swiftly.

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