While we love our furry friends, we do not always love what they leave behind. Pet hair can be especially frustrating in a vehicle when it gets into every nook and cranny. Rather than leaving your pet at home, however, you can follow a few steps to reduce the amount of fur that gets left in your car.

Preventing fur from getting into your car in the first place is going to be easier than getting it out once it is there. For that reason, the team at Bueno Used Cars recommends keeping up on your animal's grooming. A thorough brushing will greatly cut down on how much fur falls off your pet.

Inevitably, some fur will get into your car. Duct tape is a simple tool that can remove most fur from your cloth upholstery and carpet. A good lint roller will also do the trick. Some drivers put a special cover on their passenger seat so that they can easily remove and wash it.

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