Driving around Phoenix with a little one in tow makes finding the right car seat for your child a top priority. Car seats are sized based on a child's weight and height, so ensuring you're selecting the appropriate-sized car seat will improve the safety of your child in the event of an accident. Along with differing sizes and configurations, car seats have different methods of attachment. You can typically slide the car seat belt through the back or lap of a car seat or opt for integrated LATCH hook installation in newer vehicles.

Some car seats can be used during different stages of a child's life. These are known as convertible car seats or 3-in-1 car seats, as they can be used from infancy all the way to grade school. Infant car seats can be used for a short period of time and can be more convenient, as they are meant to fit into strollers with ease. Still yet, a front-facing car seat can be used when a child reaches toddlerhood, which can then be traded in for a booster seat for school-aged children.

Depending on the type of car seat you need, there may be one or more seat belt configurations. While an infant needs a five-point harness with a LATCH system for the car or a seat belt through the foot area, a front-facing seat may be eligible for use with a rear seat belt. Booster seats allow the child to use the vehicle's seat belt normally.

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