In-cabin amenities make commutes through Phoenix or weekend road trips that much more enjoyable. You can watch movies, listen to music or place the occasional friendly phone call. The Honda HR-V scores major points for trend-forward tech features that our entire Bueno Used Cars team loves.

Power to the People

With the Honda HR-V there are no worries about keeping your devices and handheld electronics juiced. The cabin boasts USB ports and a power outlet. Keep all of your gadgets in the green as you zip through Phoenix. When you get to the campsite, plug in your electric cooler, a small warmer or campsite lighting.

Watch Your Back

The Honda HR-V makes it a cinch to watch your back. Its Multi-Angle Rearview Camera captures a view of everything that's behind you, displaying it on the 7-inch in-dash infotainment screen. Even better, the camera provides pristine views from multiple angles:

  • Wide
  • Normal
  • Top-Down

Backing into tight parking spaces or aligning yourself with a small camper or trailer just became a whole lot easier.



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