All drivers need to know how to replace a flat. There is always a chance you won’t be able to reach emergency services, and flats can occur at any time. Thankfully, we at Bueno Used Cars have prepared this step-by-step guide to assist drivers in Phoenix acquire this knowledge. 

Step-by-Step Guide on Replacing a Flat.

  1. Stop at a safe spot.

    Stop your car at a safe, preferably level ground. Pick a spot on a straight stretch so that oncoming traffic can spot you easily. 
  2. Prepare your car.

    Turn off the engine and switch on your hazard lights. Put the car in park and have the handbrake on. Take out your tools, including your spare, and ensure all passengers have alighted. Protect the vehicle from rolling over by placing wedges in front of or behind the tires. 
  3. Undo the wheel nuts. 

    Using a wrench, undo your wheel nuts. Most wheel nuts will loosen when you turn them anti-clockwise. Only loosen them slightly and not all the way.
  4. Lift the vehicle.

    Remove any debris from the ground and find the jacking point nearest to the flat tire. It is usually marked with an arrow or a reinforcing pad. Wind the jack until it fits into the jacking point. Continue winding it until the vehicle is off the ground and high enough to fit your inflated spare tire. 
  5. Replace the flat.

    Completely undo the nuts and remove the flat. Replace it with the spare and tighten the nuts on the wheel gently in a diagonal pattern. Unwind the jack to lower the vehicle until it is on the ground. Using the wench, further tighten the nuts. Finally, remove the jack and return all your tools in the car.


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