Enjoy Road Trips with Your Pet

Road trips are easier with your pet when you take the time to plan. At Bueno Used Cars, we’re happy to share some tips so you can enjoy taking your pets wherever you go.

Consider the different things that you will need. If you are going across state lines, be sure to have vaccination records. You will also want to have your pet microchipped in the event that they get lost. A collar with contact information is also important.

Your pet needs to be kept safe inside the car. A breathable crate or carrier should be used to keep them in. Make sure that there is enough room for them to be able to turn around and stand up. If you have a larger pet, you can use a harness system that attaches to the seatbelt. Allow for a few potty breaks during your trip, and bring bottled water with you so that they can drink at the stops, too.



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