What is a Differential's Function in a Vehicle?

Everyone knows that it is important to regularly check the oil, transmission fluid and water levels in our vehicles and replace when necessary. However, did you know that the differential fluid also needs to be checked and replaced regularly as well? Just as other fluids can break down, so can the differential fluid deteriorate over time.

The differential is a gearbox placed between the drive wheels. Vehicles that are four-wheel drive will have both a front and a rear differential. The function of a differential is to transmit power from the engine to the axle that moves the wheels and allow the wheels to move at different speeds from each other. When the fluid is compromised or deteriorated, increased heat and friction can cause the gears to not function smoothly.

In order to check the differential fluid, you need to bring your vehicle in to a trusted auto service center for a service check from trained technicians. Let our pre-owned car sales team help you find the service you deserve in Phoenix, AZ!

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