Motor Oil Myths: What To Keep An Eye Out For

In the automotive space, you may notice a lot of misinformation passed off as fact. Many myths surround motor oil and how often it needs to be changed. To help you avoid making costly mistakes, we have compiled some information regarding motor oil myths below.

You do not need an oil change every five thousand miles. Well, you might, but it isn't a hard and fast rule for all vehicles. The interval in which you need to get an oil change is contingent on your vehicle's make and model, the climate in which you drive, and how you drive your vehicle. The time will often be between three and seven thousand miles.

Another myth is that you cannot switch between conventional and synthetic motor oils. There is nothing wrong with using synthetic oils. Actually, synthetic oils have a lot of benefits. Misinformation about the oil style comes from the 1970s, with the majority of complaints having no basis in reality. Synthetic oils actually have many benefits not seen with standard options. Use it freely if it appeals to you. For more tips about all things motor vehicle, consult with us at Bueno Used Cars.



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