Like many Phoenix motorists, you may have yet to prepare for a time when your vehicle is stranded on the side of the road. Although you can always rely on roadside assistance to come and help you with your issues, there are usually a few things that you can do to troubleshot minor problems while waiting. Having a comprehensive emergency roadside kit will prepare you these tasks and more. It can also help you stay comfortable and safe. At Bueno Used Cars, we want to help locals get maximum value from these incredibly important accessories.

Stock Reflective Triangles And Road Flares

The most important thing to do when your car stops mid-journey is to make sure that all other motorists can see you. As such, your kit should have several road flares and reflective triangles. Setting these out will prevent collisions and other safety issues during your wait.

Jumper Cables And Tire-Related Tools

?Your problem may be as simple as a dead battery. In this case, a good set of jumper cables could supply the power boost you need to start the vehicle and drive it to a safe location. If you have a flat tire or a tire that's quickly losing air, you'll want to have a lug wrench, a jack, and a can of instant repair solution. For detailed information on all that your roadside emergency kit requires, come by Bueno Used Cars today.


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