If you want to carry a cargo box on the roof of your car, getting the correct rack is important. The sales associates here at Bueno Used Cars can help you choose a new-to-you vehicle with a roof rack that you can use to accommodate all your gear.

Each vehicle has a rating for the weight that it can carry on the roof. Racks have a similar rating, and it's important to take care not to overload your car or truck. Whether you're carrying a cargo box or a bicycle on the roof of your car, it's critical that you adjust your speed accordingly. Many roof accessories have a maximum speed rating to keep them from ripping off of the roof.

If you're carrying exceptionally long items, securing them properly is important. You can use the towing eyes of your vehicle to attach the front and rear of the item in addition to using the rack attachments. Are you ready to locate a low-mileage used car or SUV for your weekend adventures? If so, then come by our used car dealership to explore our inventory. 



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