An incorrectly installed safety seat could leave your child extremely vulnerable in the event of an accident. At our dealership, we genuinely care about keeping our customers and their families safe. So let's go over some tips for putting your precious one inside the car safely.

Tip 1: Read The Instructions

Every car seat is different, so make sure that you follow the directions carefully; make sure the age of your child coincides with the age of recommended use of the seat you are using.

Tip 2: Strap It In, Test It Out

Once you have the seat strapped into one of the rear seats of the car, inspect your work to ensure the car seat stays properly in its place. Lock the seatbelt down if used.

Tip 3: Put Your Child Comfortably Inside

Put your child inside the car seat tight, but not too tight. You will want to ensure that your child fits within the size and spacing parameters as detailed in your car seat's user manual.  Remember that you can test drive a family-friendly used car at Bueno Used Cars.



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