One of the most common complaints of car owners that choose to detail their cars is a frustration at controlling pet hair. We've come across some very handy tips that help reduce or eliminate the amount of pet hair in your vehicle so that Fido can continue to enjoy accompanying you and your family on drives.

Invest in a roll of duct tape or packing tape, wind it around your fingers sticky side out, and brush over upholstered or carpeted areas to collect loose hairs. Invest in a car vacuum that comes with a small rubber bristled brush designed to scoop up pet hairs. In a spray bottle, combine water with a few drops of liquid fabric softener, spray over the seats and flooring, then wipe up hairs using a clean paper towel. Wear rubber gloves, spray hairy areas with a mist of water, and static electricity helps hairs cling to the gloves for easy removal.



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