What are Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced?

It might seem like something you can put off until another day, but the wrong pressure in your car tires is actually causing more trouble than you might realize. These are some of signs your car tires need to be replaced.

If the air pressure indicator shows that you have too much air in one or more of the car tires, here is what is happening. The car rides on the center of the tire tread, so that area wears faster than the rest of the tread, and it becomes very difficult to control the car when on wet roads because less tread touches the highway.

Underinflated tires create the opposite issue. Too much tread is on the road, so that added friction wears the tread away while making it harder to handle your vehicle at high speeds. Don't neglect your car tires. Schedule a tire rotation at a trusted auto service department to keep tabs on the condition of the tire and tread and replace them if needed. Our pre-owned car sales experts can help you find a new-to-you vehicle or a service professional to handle your tire needs.

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