How to Tell if Your Ignition Needs Service

If your car is refusing to start and replacing your battery doesn't solve the issue, then the issue likely isn't the battery at all, but rather your vehicle's ignition system. So, how can you identify whether or not your ignition is the problem without buying a new battery?

There are a few clear identifiers that can help you locate a busted ignition. Strange sounds, such as grinding or a high-pitched whine when you try to start your car, can be a clear indicator of ignition problems. But the problems aren't always that clear. If your vehicle just doesn't start, and there aren't any visible issues or strange sounds, then your issue may be a busted solenoid or maybe just a bad battery. It's always best to have a service inspection done to make sure the problem is correctly identified.

Problems starting your vehicle? You'll need to find a reputable auto service center to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and without any hassle!

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