Payload And Towing Capacity Have Important Differences

When you are looking to purchase a new there are all sorts of different terms used, and it can be easy to be confused about what they actually mean. Perhaps the most often mixed up terms are payload capacity and towing capacity. It is easy to why this is the case, after all, aren't they both just the amount of weight that your vehicle can safely handle? In reality, they are very different, and getting them confused can have drastic consequences.

Payload refers to the total weight that your vehicle can safely handle inside of the car or bed. That is, anything that will be putting weight directly on your tires or suspension is part of the payload. Towing capacity means exactly what it says, the amount of weight your vehicle can safely pull behind it. Because the weight of what you are towing is not directly on the suspension or tires, it does not contribute much towards the payload capacity.

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