Bad Weather Can't Stand Up to AWD and 4WD

Nobody enjoys driving in harsh conditions, especially when they have to get to work, or, go somewhere with the family. Bueno Used Cars in Phoenix just might be able to make your commute or family adventures a bit more pleasant, during any condition. If you've never considered an all wheel or four wheel drive vehicle, now is the time. With manufacturers competing to win your business, more features are being offered, and, some of them for free.

AWD and 4WD work by utilizing all wheels on the vehicle rather than just two. AWD uses additional power only when necessary. 4WD uses all four wheels constantly. This creates better traction and handling. Most vehicles also have a feature that allows you to power off the feature when not in use. Whatever the road conditions are, you'll have increased safety, and, you'll enjoy a smoother ride. See the difference at Bueno Used Cars in Phoenix by stopping in for a test drive today.
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